Special Automotive Features

Creating a Campaign

Initiate and log into LeadMiner. Click on the Auto Buyer campaign, then click on the Acquire New button as shown below.

main window

Then just give the new campaign a unique name.
Name Campaign

Helper Window

If you haven't already disabled it, the Creating a New Auto Buyer Campaign helper window will pop up.

Close the helper window to go to the next step (selection attributes).

Selection attributes

Selection Attributes in the Create campaign window are specific to the campaign and to the type of data. The required input fields are titled in red. Use additional attribute selections to refine the target market for your campaign. Dropdowns button-dropdn offer choice when selecting attributes and should be used to select the desired value from a list. We recommend using ranges for additional flexibility. If specifying a range in a field such as Age, be sure to include the hyphen (-) between the low and high values. - e.g. 25-35. For Zip Code fields, a primary Zip code may be entered and a Zip Range (0-99 miles) radius assigned. If no number is entered in the Zip Range field, then only the zip code entered will be used to obtain the campaign leads. Use the convenient Find Zip Codes button to look up the desired city, state's zip code online at http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/citytown.jsp.

Most of the attribute fields can have multiple values assigned. This is done by holding down the Ctrl key while mouse clicking on each appropriate value in a box. You can also select a group of values by clicking on the beginning and ending values while holding down the Shift key.
Once all the selection attributes have been assigned, click Create Campaign.


Once the selection attributes has been completed click Create Campaign, then click Continue.

Pay for your campaign in the usual way.

Note regarding the Ages and DOB fields obtained in your results...

The age field is a static field whose values are received from credit bureaus. It is not calculated at the time the campaign is generated, but has been set at some previous point in time and captured into the data. Due to this, it is possible to have an "off by one" error between what a user would expect to appear in the Age field in conjunction with the date listed in the DOB field of each prospect. This is normal, and occurs only occasionally.

Special Auto Options

These options are available from the main window or the Options menu item on the CRM (below)

Set Sales Tax Rates

Click on it to input/update the sales tax rate for the State and County your campaigns reference.

Set Pre-Qualified Factor

Pre-Qualified Factor is set as 0.5 as the default. The Pre-Qualified factor is used in conjunction with a vehicle category's Min income to determine the Pre-Qualified Amount for each prospect. For example, if a category is assigned to a vehicle which sells for $50,000, and the Pre-Qualified factor is left at the default setting of 0.5, then the category assigned to the vehicle you are promoting should have a minimum income of at least $100,000 for each lead to satisfy the Pre-Qualified amount. The Pre-Qualified Factor setting is often used to calculate a dealer's own financial standards policy for pre-qualification.

Auto's Specialized CRM

To insert vehicles, images and financing offers in the CRM follow the instructions in the Vehicle and Financial Libraries (highlighted below). The vehicles that have been selected for each lead will be shown in the box outlined by the blue line. It is important to note that you cannot alter the financing fields directly. They will change only when the finance library has been applied. While you can alter the selected vehicle data directly, we suggest that you do not, because it will only apply to the lead that is showing, which may confuse you later.

main window


Your Vehicle Library

Click on the vehicle Edit icon edit-auto-lib to access the vehicle library


You can enter up to 1024 vehicles into your library. Each vehicle can have up to 3 different images.

To insert an image, left-click on the placeholder image and select Replace... from the image action box.


Click Ok then select the image from your collection of images wherever they may be. In the example below all of this user's images are stored in the cars directory. 


Prospect Profiling

Prospect profiling allows you to match your vehicles to the potential buyers in your campaign. This is done by creating a set of appropriate categories. Each category describes the profile of a buyer. An example category has been provided. You can alter it any way you wish and add your own as needed.

To add a new category...

Click on the New button, which will allow you to enter a unique name and use the drop downs to create the profile attributes. In the example below, we are using a profile obtained from the manufacturer, so we're calling it the Honda Civic. Once a category has been fully described click the Add button.


To update a category...

Select the category from the list and its information will be populated into the fields below the selection box. All fields except Name will be changeable. Make the changes you want to the dropdowns, then click the Update button.


To rename a category...

Select the category you want to rename from the list and its information will be populated into the fields, but only its Name field will be changeable. Enter the new name and click the OK button.


To delete a category...

Select the category you want to delete from the list and its information will be populated into the fields. Click the Delete button.


* Before exiting the vehicle category box, be sure to click on the Save button if you want your changes to be saved.

Apply the Vehicle Library

Once your library is ready you'll want to apply it to every lead in your auto campaign. To do this click on the Apply button, which will launch the following box.

Select the first option to Let LeadMiner select vehicles and your library, (based on your prospect profiles and our Dynamic Automotive Selections), will be automatically applied. You can restrict this process by selecting a subset of categories from the list. (You may want to do this to promote a known group.)

To select more than one category, hold down the Ctrl key while mouse clicking on each appropriate value in the box. You can also select a group of values by clicking on the beginning and ending values while holding down the Shift key.

How Dynamic Automotive Selections Work

The basis of all dynamic selections (when LeadMiner selects the vehicles) are the categories assigned to each vehicle in your library. When you assign vehicles to your leads using dynamic selection, the following mechanism is used for each lead in your campaign:

  • The Vehicle library is searched, starting with the last vehicle selected (or the first vehicle, if none has been selected).
  • The categories assigned to each vehicle are checked to see if the current lead fits any of those categories. A lead fits, if all of the specified characteristics fit.
    • The lead must be at least as old as the category’s Min Age and no older than the category’s Max Age.
    • The lead must earn at least as much as the category’s Min Income and no more than the category’s Max Income.
    • The lead must also match the category’s Sex, Marital Status and Number of Children specification.
  • If the lead fits any of the categories specified for a vehicle, then that vehicle is assigned to the lead, otherwise the next vehicle in the library is checked in the same way.
  • Once 3 vehicles have been assigned to a lead, the lead is considered completely assigned and the next lead is assigned vehicles in the same manner.
  • If you checked  “Restrict categories to the ones selected” option, only those categories selected are considered when searching assigned categories, otherwise all categories assigned to a vehicle are checked.
  • If, after all vehicles have been searched, the lead is still not fully assigned, a second search is done on those vehicles not yet selected. This time each vehicle's Dealer Price is compared to the lead's PreQualified Amount,. Those with the closest values will be selected to fill in the remaining vehicle slots.

Category Setup and Qualified Income

When creating or modifying categories, be sure to set your Min Income and Max Income attributes in accordance with the Pre-Qualified Factor you have set. In other words, if the price of vehicle #1 is $50,000, and your Pre-Qualified Factor is set as 0.5 (the default) only assign categories to Vehicle#1 where the category’s Min Income is $100,000, or more. Otherwise, if you assign a category to a vehicle, where the category’s Min Income is only $90,000, a lead with an income of only $91,000 will satisfy the category’s Min Income, but may not satisfy your own financing standards, which calculate to $100,000.

As an alternative to this, you can specifically promote up to 3 vehicles by selecting the Apply these specific values to all leads option, and then selecting the specific vehicles from the dropdown lists. Using this method, every lead will contain the same 3 vehicles.

Your Finance Library

Click on the finance Edit icon auto-finance-icon to bring up the finance library.


Each entry in this library describes either a loan or lease program. You can enter as many of these as you need with the Add Row button. Enter a Program Name for each entry. The name must be unique and if left blank it will be dropped from the list when you exit LeadMiner.

If you do not select the Lease option, the entry will be considered a standard bank loan with 100% financing. If Lease is selected, you can then enter the Residual % and the Money Factor. If no Money Factor is entered, it will be inferred from the interest rate.

Apply the Finance Library

Once your library is ready and you have applied your vehicles, you're ready to apply the financing to each vehicle in each lead in your auto campaign. If desired, you can name the Finance Programs according to FICO scores needed to qualify, or name the finacing programs per your company's policy.

Click on the Apply button to initiate the operation. You will then see this box.


Select the appropriate options, then click apply. This will fill in all the financing information in the CRM, which can then be used in your final product (letter, postcard or email).


IMPORTANT: Always review the results via the CRM to insure things look as you expected.