Main Window


Whenever you start LeadMiner the application's main window appears. If you selected the Work Offline option on the application startup/login box, some of the buttons will be disabled. This is because the functions associated with those buttons require an active link to the GoCampains service provider. The buttons that will appear in the center (View/Edit ... Libraries) section are dependent on your industry - i.e. the industry you selected when you registered. All other button are generic to all industries. All of the industry independent functions are covered here.

main window

The main window is divided into four sections:

  1. Campaign Central, which describes and gives access to the GoCampaigns that are available to you.
  2. Campaigns Created, which provides access to the set of campaigns that you have already created
  3. Libraries, which provides access to all your industry specific libraries
  4. Common Tasks, which provides access to a number of administrative functions

Campaign Central

Campaign Central

When you select a campaign type, as shown above, a description of the campaign's selection attributes are displayed and the associated buttons are enabled.

  • If you want to see a sample of the selected campaign, click the View Sample button and it will appear in its own CRM.
  • If you want to create a new campaign of the selected type by acquiring new leads from GoCampaigns, click the Acquire New button and follow the instructions.
  • If you have the Professional Edition and want to create a new campaign of the selected type by importing your own leads from a tab-delimited file, click the Import New button and follow the instructions.
    If you have the Standard Edition the Import New button will not be visible.

Campaigns Created

Campaigns Created

When you select a campaign, as shown above, a description of the campaign is displayed and the associated buttons are enabled.

  • If you want to edit the campaign, click the Edit button and the selected campaign will appear in its own CRM.
  • If you want to make a separate copy the campaign, click the Copy button.
  • If you want to send the selected campaign to GoCampaigns for print and mail fullfillment, click the Print & Mail button.
  • If you want to export a campaign to a tab delimited file for subsequent use by third party spreadsheet software, like Excel, click the Export button and follow the instructions.
  • If you want to see how the selected campaign is doing, click the Report button and a web page will be produced and displayed in your browser:
  • If you want to delete the campaign, click the Delete button. You will see a confirmation box.

View/Edit Libraries

The options presented in this section are dependent upon your industry. Just click on the library button of interest. See features by industry (in left sidebar) for more information. Examples:

Auto Libraries

Mortgage Libraries

Real Estate Library

Common Tasks

Common Tasks

Restore from Archive

This option allows you to restore an acquired campaign (not an imported one) from our archives. The results will be exactly as they were at the time you acquired it. Just select the campaign and click OK.

Set Reminder

This option allows you to set a generic reminder message via this easy window:
Set Reminder
Note: Reminder messages will always pop up when you are using LeadMiner, but will be delayed if LeadMiner is not running.

Email Settings

This option is required if you are planning to send out an email campaign. Click on it to input the settings now, so that the information will be available during the email campaign creation. Before sending out an email campaign you must specify your "Outbound Mail Server" and your "From Address", either from this main client Options area, or from the CRM using the eMails button. The Main client email settings window is pictured below. If you find you do not know how to fill it in, you will need to contact your system administrator or other contact to obtain the correct settings.


Demographic Information

This button will launch your browser and load the U.S. Census Bureau's State & County QuickFacts page, which currently looks like this. From there you can navigate to get free demographic information for state and county.

Demographic Information

Set Sales Tax Rate

This button is available for the Auto industry only.
Click on it to input/update the sales tax rate for the State and County your campaigns reference.

Set Property Tax Rates

This button is available for the Real Estate and Mortgage industries only.
Click on it to input/update the property tax rate for the State and County your campaigns reference.

Set Points for APR

This button is available for the Real Estate and Mortgage industries only.
Click on it to input/update the APR rate (or Points) for the First Mortgage loan calculations your campaigns reference. The Mortgage APR is multiplied by this factor to calculate the actual APR on the First Mortgage. If this factor is zero, the APR will remain unchanged from the First Mortgage rate(s) referenced in your campaign.


Generic Import

This option allows you to create a non-industry specific campaign. Just locate the file with the file selection box and click the load button to import your tab delimited text file into a generic campaign. Each field heading in the tab delimited text file will become a field name in the campaign. With a generic campaign you can create templates and generate letters, postcards and emails like any other campaign, but this type of campaign is very simplistic and does not provide any sort of numerical calculations or library interaction.

User Guide

This button will launch your browser and load your local copy of the User Guide.

Acquiring a New Campaign

You can acquire a new campaign once you have selected the campaign type in the Campaign Central section. Just click on the Acquire New button.

Please note that when online and idle for 30 minutes, the connection may be terminated. If the Acquire New button is clicked and nothing happens, you will need to reestablish a connection by exiting LeadMiner then restarting it.

If this is your first time doing this you will see the note below.

Once you have decided that is time to create a real campaign, rather than experiment with sample campaigns, Click Create Real Campaign. Otherwise select Cancel. When you no longer wish to see this Beginner Note window it can be disabled by checking Do not show this again.

Next, enter a unique name for your new campaign and click OK. This will invoke the Attribute Selection window.

Attribute Selection

Selection Attributes are specific to the campaign and to the type of data. Dropdowns button-dropdn offer choice when selecting attributes and should be used to select the desired value from a list.

Many of these fields can have multiple values assigned. This is done by holding down the Ctrl key while mouse clicking on each appropriate value in a box. You can also select a group of values by clicking on the beginning and ending values while holding down the Shift key.
Once all the selection attributes have been assigned, click Create Campaign.

Note: As campaigns are industry specific, visit the appropriate industry in this guide for additional information.

Scroll bar allows you to follow the data acquisition process.

Paying for Your Campaign

Once the campaign has been created, you must pay for it before it can be accessed. So, immediately after the campaign has been created, your browser will pop up and you will be prompted as shown below.

Note: If you don't pay at this point, you will not be able to see or use your leads, but you can log into the website anytime thereafter and pay for the campaign and it will become immediately available.

Log in with your email and password


Click approve to approve the payment.

Payment Verification confirms payment

Then you can log out and return to LeadMiner by closing, or minimizing your browser. Click on the button now labeled Continue to view your new campaign in the CRM

Print Services

NOTE: Before using any printing services, it is imperative that you check your PDF file to make certain there are no errors or extra pages being printed!

For more about this, see Printing Your Campaign Media in the CRM User Guide.

This option allows you to use Go Campaign's print and mail fulfillment services. To send your letters or postcards to our center for processing, select the campaign of interest from the dropdown and click on the Print & Mail button.

Assign the letter template you wish to use for this campaign.


Assign the envelope template you wish to use for this campaign.


Select postage and if special instructions are needed please enter them in the section shown.


Review mail pieces (in this case, letter and envelope) prior to forwarding.


Click Continue in the Envelope and Letter Review window when you are done. A confirmation and cost of printing and mailing will appear. If all is acceptable, click OK and you will be directed to log into your account to approve payment for these services. Once payment is approved, your campaign will be forwarded to our print and mail fulfillment services to be processed.


Help Menu Options


Displays technical information about Lead Miner.

Clear Settings...

This option is used to reset many of the default values that have been set or altered during use of the LeadMiner application. All previously set options saved in the gocamp.ini file in your default directory are reset to their default values. While no changes may show up immediately, many are made, like:

  • All campaign index boxes are reset to default sizes, column order & column sizes.
  • All informational/warning screens that were checked as "Do Not Show Again" are reset so they show.
  • All positions and sizes of CRM windows are reset to their default size & position.
  • Editor tableColumns = tableRows = tableBorder = CampEditViewMode = 1;
  • AveryBorderTop = AveryBorderLeft = 80
  • AveryVerticalSpace = 28
  • LastImageDirectory
  • Login Password

Of course, it does not reset settings made explictly, like Email, APR points or Property Tax Rate.

Set Logging ON

This choice initiates a logging function that is useful for troubleshooting by Go Campaigns to diagnose a problem with your campaign or application. The log that is created is called gocamp.log. On the Windows operating platform, it is created in the directory C:\Documents and Settings\YourUsername.
Do not initiate this option unless you have been asked to do so by a Go Campaigns representative.