Conventional Mortgage Features

Creating a Campaign

Initiate and log into LeadMiner. Click on the demographic or FICO based campaign of interest, then click on the Acquire New button as shown below.

main window

Then just give the new campaign a unique name.
Name Campaign

Helper Window

If you haven't already disabled it, the Creating a New Loan Consolidation Campaign helper window will pop up.

Close the helper window to go to the next step (selection attributes).

Selection attributes

Selection Attributes in the Create campaign window are specific to the campaign and to the type of data. The required input fields are titled in red. Use additional attribute selections to refine the target market for your campaign. Dropdowns button-dropdn offer choice when selecting attributes and should be used to select the desired value from a list. We recommend using ranges for additional flexibility. If specifying a range in a field such as Age, be sure to include the hyphen (-) between the low and high values. - e.g. 25-35. For Zip Code fields, a primary Zip code may be entered and a Zip Range (0-99 miles) radius assigned. If no number is entered in the Zip Range field, then only the zip code entered will be used to obtain the campaign leads. Use the convenient Find Zip Codes button to look up the desired city, state's zip code online at

Most of the attribute fields can have multiple values assigned. This is done by holding down the Ctrl key while mouse clicking on each appropriate value in a box. You can also select a group of values by clicking on the beginning and ending values while holding down the Shift key.
Once all the selection attributes have been assigned, click Create Campaign.


Pay for your campaign in the usual way then return to the selection window and click the Continue button to see the results in the mortgage campaign's CRM window, as shown below.


My Lender Library

Your lender library can be accessed via the Main Window or through the CRM button highlighted here.


The Lender library allows you to create as many loan programs as you like.

To create a new loan program, click on the Add Row button. The fees and interest rates will be automatically populated by whatever data is in the row above. To remove a loan package from your library, simply delete its name and leave this field blank. Pressing the Save button commits any changes and closes this window.

To make it easier to apply loan programs, they can each be assigned to a category. You can create categories that correspond to a city name for example. To add, delete or change these categories, click on the Category button and the Category window will appear.

mortgage - category

From this window you can add, delete or reassign a category. The reassign function allows you to reassign all loan programs in one category to another. Whenever any of these functions are completed (by clicking Apply) all category drop-downs in each loan program are updated. Click Done to dismiss this window.

Apply Lender Library

Once the Lender library has been updated, it's time to apply your loan programs to the leads in the CRM.


The loan application window provides many choices in offering loan scenarios to prospects. Select Add calculated point amounts to Fees field if you wish to have your Fees field in the CRM include points. Otherwise, the Fees field will only show the total fee amount less any point calculation.



When using a mortgage campaign the Recalculate button will recalculate the Total MortgagePay, Total MortgageAmt and Total LoanAmt fields. This calculation is different from the loan assignment calculation as it only affects the loan assignment fields indirectly and only for the current record, unless the All checkbox is selected. However, if recalculate changes any of the Total fields, you may want to do the reapplication again also.

The following fields are used in the recalculation:

    • 1stMortgage
    • 2ndMortgage
    • Revolving Debt
    • 1stMortgage Payment
    • 2ndMortgage Payment
    • Revolving Payment