Editor FAQ's

At Go Campaigns, we are committed to helping you to get your campaign ready as quickly and easily as possible. With this in mind, we want to share some tips, tricks and FAQs about our Template Editor.


Q: I tried highlighting several cells in a table and using the alignment tools, but not all the cells I selected ended up with the correct alignment? What can I do?

A: Try clicking the refresh button in the Other Functions section of the Toolbox.

Q: I am trying to define a table using the Table Definition box as described in the editor, but I do not see a table being created, or, I want to define/create a table with no border and I do not see it being inserted into the template. What's wrong?

A: Look again. Even if you have selected the Borders Off option, you should still see a (paragraph symbol) within each table cell. If you are actually trying to create a table with no border, try defining it with Classic Borders then set Borders Off when you've fully defined the table contents. Alternatively, you can define the table with a background color for more clarity.

template behavior issues

Q: I am trying to use a previous marketing document of a different format to create my campaign, but I can't copy and paste the entire thing into the template editor screen at once. What can I do?

A: If you are determined to use a past campaign document of a different format to create a letter template, it may be possible for certain formats, but it might not be the most efficient way to create your template. The text and images must be copied and pasted or inserted separately into the letter template as described in the Editor Page of the User's Guide because the editor is preparing an HTML document for you. Please consult with a professional via email at support@gocampaigns.com or call us at 877-994-8100 for advice before attempting this.

Q: I can't seem to use the Template Editor the way I use my usual word processor, and it is very different. What is your advice?

A: The Template Editor doesn't work like a typical word processor because it is not a word processor. It is a specialized HTML document editor. For details see the Editor section of the User's Guide.

Alternately, Go Campaigns is happy to create your campaign for you. Click here for details.

printable letter issues

Q: I selected Legal size for my template, but my letters appear to be Letter size when opened with the Adobe Acrobat reader for printing. What should I do?

A: Always check your print setup before printing hard copies. Your Adobe Acrobat settings may vary. Also, Go Campaigns can print your campaign media for you, should you so desire. Click here to view details and pricing information.

Q: My letter template does not look exactly the same as the generated letters. Why?

A: When generating the PDF formatted letters the pages must be resized to fit. Always check your results before printing a campaign to hard copy. While in the editor you can click the Preview button to see the generated letter, then click the View PDF button to see how the PDF conversion will effect it. We also suggest that you actually print one or two letters from the PDF viewer for a final check.
Note: a PDF viewer is necessary to do this, but if you don't already have one installed, they are free from Adobe at the Adobe Reader site.


Q: I can't find a spellchecker in the editor. Is there any way I can spell check my campaign media?

A: At the moment, there is no spellchecker built into the Lead Miner Editor. The work around for this is to copy your text to the clipboard by highlighting the text and using the CTRL-C key combination. With your text on the clipboard, paste with the CTRL-V key combination (or menu item) into a word processor application and use the included spellchecker. Once the spelling is corrected, you can then copy and paste it back into template in the Lead Miner editor or simply correct any mistakes found with the spellchecker.